Saturday, May 16, 2015


I suppose I should mention this little guy has turned my world upside down in a really amazing way!

Meet Cubby! Cubby was born September 2014 at Soin In Beavercreek, Ohio- absolutely the best of the best hospital to have a baby!  The staff is truly truly amazing!

I am blessed and thank God every day for the Cubby Bear! He is too perfect in so many ways! I never imagined to love anything like I love him! It's indescribable the love I have for my baby :)

He weighed in at a healthy 7lbs4oz and 21inches! This is him around one month old :)

Thank you!!!

Univ of Arkansas BBQ Contest

Wooooo Piggggg Soooooiee

So in Arkansas... They call the pigs...


The University of Arkansas fans chant "Woo Pig Sooie" for the Razorbacks and it's honestly a lot of fun and very unique!

I learned the chant at my first Razorback game which was a basketball game! (Thanks Courtney and Dayton for taking us!)

Everyone knows and tweets #wps and it's catchy and UofA does a great job with marketing it!

So my love for food & #wps brings us to a Pulled Pork Contest at University of Arkansas!  Thanks to my new friend Toni for inviting me to be a "celebrity" judge!

The judges had an excellent time judging the BBQ- despite the terrible horrific weather that canceled the baseball game at Baum Stadium!

It was still run to hang out and PIG OUT!

Children's Miracle Network Fundraiser

Children's Miracle Network Fundraiser at Bliss Cupcake Cafe in Fayetteville

It was a princess theme party! But we decided to crash the fun and bring our little prince charmings to the party!

Cubby had a great time in the end :) and I got to bring home some treats for me AND Watta!

Bliss has what's called "Pupcakes" for the pooches and O-M-G was Watta a fan!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Looking Back

What I do miss about Dayton is all the wonderful people I've met and all the beautiful friends I've made along my journey!

Here are a few moments I am just blogging about 

I had a beautiful 4th of July with my girlfriends on the Lake! I truly miss them so so much!

Elyse got married! I missed her wedding because I had Cubby! But, I was there for her shabby chic bridal shower at the wine cafe in Springboro! I helped Jill plan :) and was so honored to have been a part! Congrats, Elyse!

I helped Chelby plan an "Anchors Away" party for Megan! I really have to say, she had it so under control! But it was so fun party planning with the girls :)

Natalie's Luau was also super super fun to plan! What a party!

Another beautiful JDRF Summer Soirée in the books! This year, at the gorgeous Schuster Center!

So many lunch dates, musicals, boat rides, girls nights & celebrations of so many things! New jobs, new engagements, new moves, so much! l'll always have the best memories of Dayton :) and will cherish these friendships forever!

and of course... the best party.... a Party planned for Cubby! It was the sweetest thing and I am so thankful of all my friends who made it out to show their love for Cubby the Bear :) we felt so loved! 

I hate parties for "me" so the girls knew not to call it a "baby shower"... therefore it was a cubby party :)

Thank you Melissa for flying out from Maryland! Thank you Erica, McCall, Natalie & Natalie for all the planning and LOVE!!!! and a special shoutout to my Yinzer Mom :)

Changes!!!! (Not the money kind)


I'm not sure where to begin! Since I last blogged, so much has changed! 

There are several reasons I stopped blogging, but the main reason- I was pregnant and for safety reasons, I wanted to keep as much of my life private through my pregnancy and birth :)

It sounds ironic, but as much as I tweet, Facebook and blog, I am rather a private person when it comes to family!

Having said that, I'm back!

Biggest news since my last post with McCall? 

I'm a new mom, I started a new job and I'm now living in Arkansas! 

Super random, I know! But I could not be happier :)

I do miss Dayton! TONS! There were several events in Dayton.... that I will blog about! Stay tuned!!!

A little Watta for now :)