Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yuna & Michael WEDDING Part II - Reception

Yuna Lee & Michael Thompson Wedding
Part II
Reception @ the Jefferson Hotel

As soon as we got engaged, we had no doubt that we wanted our ceremony at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart.
Just as easily, did we choose the Jefferson Hotel for our reception!

Not only is Thomas Jefferson our favorite hotel, but we LOVE the food at the Jefferson Hotel, especially their SPOONBREAD!

We hired Blue Steel Lighting
 They helped our guests feel the "Winter Wonderland Magic" 

Our guests entered into blue lights & white sparkles everywhere
They were welcomed by personalized music.
 (yes, we spent hours editing our reception entrance theme)
We wanted our guests to truly feel the magic and hope our guests felt that with the personalized soundtrack =)

For dinner, Blue Steel Lighting added warmth to a cozy intimate dinner of our favorite Southern Dishes including individual bowls of spoonbread.  We provided a sit-down dinner with personalized menus (embossed with monograms of course!)

We served our favorite Virginia wines and had signature drinks (will blog more about cocktail hour & drinks later!)

We gave out two party favors 
Magic Berries (i'll explain in another blog) wrapped in white, with a silk white ribbon, sealed with our monogrammed wax seal
They also had personalized alcohol chocolate covered pecans from Pecan Jacks

I never really cared for flowers and only wanted to spend a teeny amount on floral arrangements.  Unfortunately, when I had a talk with Rick Lunsford from the Blooms at the Jefferson Hotel...
my mind completely changed.
I told him my wedding theme...
He presented a proposal full of pure white orchids & lillies

In the end...
We had the most beautiful flowers (fresh & absolutely stunning) from the Blooms.

Our photographer Emily Chastain asked us to pose for this photo.
She was recommended to me by my friend and former co-worker, Ted Alvis.  I couldn't have asked more from Emily. She is absolutely amazing.  I can't wait to see all of her photos!

Our 6 tier cake is from the Jefferson Hotel Bakery.
I wanted simple and delicious!
Michael and I chose three of our favorite flavors and ordered our cake to feed more than 450 people (that way, all of our guests could try all three flavors and take some home with them!)
Our cake was covered in buttercream & white chocolate shavings to make it look like snow...
Also, it was monogrammed (just like everything else!)

Our first dance was to "From this Moment" by Shania Twain and Bryan White.  Michael and I hate to be the center of attention 
(most people are surprised because of what we do for a living)
so we cut our First Dance song down to 2 minutes.

 We had a nice mix of songs thanks to Rodney from On Tour DJ Services.  We also had my Italian family start off the Tarantella

You know it was a good party... when the shoes go off!
They danced on the personalized monogrammed dance floor =)

 We really did not want the wedding to be about US... we wanted it to be more about our guests... so we left out many of the wedding traditions, but kept the bouquet toss for the girls =)
Rick was nice enough to give us another bouquet to toss so I could preserve my orchids bridal bouquet.

We truly want to thank our wedding coordinator, Ashton Hassan, for a beautiful stress-free wedding!  Everyone told me, something WILL go wrong... but in the end, NOTHING went wrong!
I know it's hard to believe,
but it was PERFECT!!!!
More than what I dreamed of!

oh! my husband was reading the Richmond Times Dispatch by the Jefferson Hotel pool on our wedding day.
One of the top stories?
How the Jefferson Hotel received a FIVE DIAMOND rating again!
the only one in the region!!!!